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Healthy Benefits of Having a Frequent Sex

by admin

Everyone dreams about having a frequent and good sex, but only a few people know that sex has lots of healthy benefits. Doctors recommend having a sex three times per week to keep a general and sexual health. You should get that getting a sex is not only plausible but it is pretty healthy. It can help you to make your lifer longer and happier.

I guess you don’t know about many advantages of having a sex. Here you will find out why sex is very good for you:

1. Boost your immune system. Actually people who have more sex suffer less form various diseases. During a sex a special antibody is released in your body that helps you to avoid many illnesses, especially it concerns common cold.

2. Fight stress. Sex as bananas and chocolate are good antidepressants. Sex is quite a tiring process that leaves out endorphins and hormones that make you be happier. After sex you feel pretty relaxed and better. People who have an intercourse lots of time always feel good and never stressed out.

3. Weigh management. Sex is a good way to lose weight and a good approach of exercising. Every 30 minutes can burn 150 calories. If you have enough sex you can shed your extra pounds. I guess this is a good stimulus for do these exercises.

4. Get rid of headaches. During a sex endorphins are released and have a good impact on your body as a pain killer. In particular it can cure your headaches. You can believe in it or not, but it really works well.

5. Avoid prostate cancer. Men who have more ejaculations can help themselves to reduce a risk of getting prostate cancer. Therefore the more frequent you get a sex the more chances you won’t suffer from the cancer at old age.

6. Keep your relationship longer. People who have a frequent sex can build up more strong, long relationships and conquer more trust. If you don’t have much intercourse it can lead to infidelity and divorce between married couples.

7. Increase your brain work. A person having a sex gets a blood flow that helps your brain to work better and clean the blood. If you want your brain works good make love more.

As you can see healthy benefits of sex make real wonders for the whole human body. It means that the more sex you have the more chances you have to be healthy and happy. You should understand that sex takes a significant role on your general sex, but it is not happiness in sex.

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